The one day conference, including a Public Discussion on “Public Building Energy Efficiency Plans – Policy Making” and a Technical Meeting on “Public Building Energy Efficiency Plans – Technical and Managerial Issues of Development and Implementation”, was organised with the initiative of the Department of European Programmes of the Municipality of Heraklion, focusing on energy policy issues, as well as on technical issues related to the energy upgrading of Public Buildings.

The Public Discussion initiated a debate on this challenge among policy makers in the field of Public Energy Policies, mainly Local and Regional Authorities, supporting or promoting building energy efficiency plans.

During the discussion, an exchange of views on the currently implemented policies and strategies was pursued, as well as on the new policies promoting the energy efficiency of public buildings. In the framework of the conference, significant information was provided on the technical methodologies and cutting edge tools related to decision-making for the development and implementation of reliable and affordable plans for the energy upgrading of public buildings.

The conference was attended by senior officials of Local Government Levels A and B, technical staff of local and regional authorities, as well as by academics (higher education & research institutes) and business executives of the energy sector.

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Key note Speakers and presentations



Mr. Markos Damasiotis, Director of Development Programmes of CRES and IMPULSE Coordinator

“Energy efficiency renovation plans for public buildings”



Dr. George M. Stavrakakis, Research Associate of CRES and Coordinator of the IMPULSE project

“Decision making tools in producing energy efficiency renovation plans for municipal buildings”



Mr. Ioannis Anastasakis, Deputy Mayor of Technical Services & European Programmes of the Municipality of Heraklion

“The 3 pillars of energy savings’ policy of Heraklion Municipality”



Dr. Nikos Zografakis, Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors of the Region of Crete from the Regional Development Fund of Crete

“The Covenant of Mayors for climate and energy”



Mrs. Evi Tzanakaki, CRES National Contact Point of the Covenant of Mayors

“Bridging the European and local actions for climate”


Mrs. Katerina Sfakianaki, Research Associate of CRES and Communication Manager of IMPULSE Project

"Participatory actions for the capitalization of energy efficiency renovation plan tools for public buildings"