MEDNICE Annual Congress

“Choosing the route to Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in the Med area: a pathway to policies and practices”

MEDNICE annual congress is striving to communicate and capitalize the results of its modular projects, building a strong Energy efficiency MED community. During the Congress, EU high level actors have been hosted and training sessions took place regarding cutting-edge issues of innovative financing schemes and renovation strategies to support the modular projects in their work. The event also included round-table sessions bringing together the modular projects to present and exchange their goals and first results. Important fields of synergies were identified among projects and the basis for future exchanging was established.

IMPULSE Team with representatives from CRES, IVE, EnvirobatBDM and Regional Development Fund of Crete (RDFC) were participating. The main issues of IMPULSE project that were presented were the following:

·The guide for public buildings classification and energy analysis (classification criteria, KPIs, etc.)

·The two excel platforms for classifying public buildings into representative typologies and for KPIs estimation, prioritization and extrapolation from Typologies to the whole stock of buildings.

·The forthcoming goals of IMPULSE regarding typologies energy analysis and contributions to energy efficiency action plans for public buildings.

·The synergies already identified with other projects mainly with the SHERPA project.