IMPULSE presentation in the PRIORITEE project European Conference


Natural History Museum “Goulandris”

Athens, Greece

Dr. Stavrakakis presented IMPULSE project expanding further the demonstrations to include more mature results produced by the project. The following topics were highlighted:

- Most appropriate public-building’ classification criteria adopted for the Municipality of Heraklion

- Public-building typologies for the municipality of Heraklion

- Energy interventions’ combinations for the various minor, medium, major and deep retrofits

- Ranking of Heraklion buildings in terms of affordability

- A minor retrofit for all 76 buildings of the municipality of Heraklion would mean an investment of not more than 1.5M € ensuring about 30% energy and associated cost savings with a range of payback period from 15 to 19 years

In the end Dr. Stavrakakis as project coordinator signed a MoU with the coordinator of PRIORITEE defining the fields for future synergies.

IMPULSE presentation