Organizing Partner: Municipality of Heraklion


Venue of the Event: Hotel Astoria Capsis

The IMPULSE project, coordinated by CRES, organized the final national conference of the project in Heraklion, Crete , on May 9th 2019. The key deliveries of the project were presented to representatives of project's target groups. Also, the outcomes of other European projects on the energy efficiency of buildings as well as the main objectives of the Region of Crete strategic planning for the energy upgrading of its building stock were mentioned in detail.

Yiannis Anastasakis, Heraklion Deputy Mayor of Infrastructure & European Programmes / Welcome Speech

Markos Damasiotis, Head of Development Programmes Division of CRES / Welcome Speech

Renia Drosou, Director of Planning, Organizing & Informatics, Local Coordinator of IMPULSE project – Municipality of Heraklion / Benefits of the IMPULSE project for the Municipality of Heraklion

Dr George M. Stavrakakis, Senior Researcher of CRES / Computational tools for realistic and affordable gradual energy renovation plans at local level  

Thomas Clapier & Johan Othenin-Girard, Energy Experts of “EnvirobatBDM” / IMPULSE Online – Geographic Information System (GIS)  

Miriam Eisermann Communication Manager of Energy Cities, MEDNICE project Partner / Energy efficiency in public buildings:connecting the local with the European level

Maria Apostolaki, Coordinator of SHERPA and REBUS projects of the Region of Crete /  The targets of Region of Crete for energy upgrading of public buildings - SHERPA and REBUS projects

Dr Nikolaos Zografakis Director of the Regional Development Fund of Crete – Regional Energy Agency of Crete, Regional Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors / The Covenant of Mayors in Crete

Manos Kalaitzakis, Technical Scientist, Institute of Computer Science - FORTH / Heraklion Smart City -  An Open Data and Internet of Things Ecosystem for the city of Heraklion

Dr Konstantinos Konstantinou, Mechanical Engineer, ANATOLIKI S.A. / INTERREG MED ‘ENERJ’:  Municipalities’ Joint Actions for the use of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency in public buildings

Charalampos Kyriakakis, Electrical Engineer and Ofilia Neofitou, Computer Engineer, University of Crete / Energy saving in public university buildings with data centres – ‘ENEDI’: The case of the University of Crete

Dr Sofia Yfanti, Energy Manager in Chersonisos Municipality / Energy saving projects and actions & promotion of environmental sustainability in Municipality of Chersonisos