Organizing Partner: Municipality of Heraklion


Venue of the Event: Hotel Astoria Capsis

In the framework of the final IMPULSE conference, organized by Municipality of Heraklion with the collaboration of CRES, a final policy meeting has been held with the attendance of local, regional and national level policy representatives. The thematics of the conference were the following:

  • National, regional and local policies - Plans for energy efficiency of public buildings
  • The role of MEDNICE in composing policy reccomendations for the Mediterranean territory
  • European & national funding for public-buildings’ energy upgrading projects
  • The new Covenant of Mayors for Energy and Climate as a developmental tool for local authorities
  • Challenges of enegy efficiency renovation plans for public buildings - How the IMPULSE tools respond to them
  • Benefits – Good practices from Interreg MED (2014-2020) projects towards tackling Mediterranean challenges in Energy Efficiency of public buildings   

The panel was consisted of the following representatives from national authorities, energy agencies, regional and local authorities.  

  • Georgios Markou, Consultant, General Secretariat for Energy and mineral resources, Ministry of Environment and Energy
  • Ioanna Nikou, Head of Executive Structure NSRF, Energy Unit, Ministry of Environment & Energy
  • Markos Damasiotis, Head of Development Programmes in CRES
  • Dr George M. Stavrakakis, Senior researcher of CRES
  • Dr Nicolas Zografakis, Director of the Regional Development Fund of Crete – Regional Energy Agency of Crete, Regional Coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors
  • Nikos Kalogeris, Vice Governor of Environment & Energy of the Region of Crete
  • George Alexakis, Regional Executive Officer in European and International Affairs of the Region of Crete
  • Maria Kassotaki, Head of the Managing Authority of ROP of Crete
  • Yiannis Anastasakis, Heraklion Deputy Mayor of Infrastructure and European Programmes
  • Martha Atsikpasi, Director of Industry, Energy and Natural Resources, Region of the North Aegean, MEDNICE Partner

The policy meeting has been coordinated by Mrs Renia Drosou, Director of Planning, Organizing & Informatics, Local Coordinator of IMPULSE project – Municipality of Heraklion and Mrs Katerina Sfakianaki Project Communication Manager, Senior Researcher in the Division of Development Programmes, CRES.