IMPULSE presentation in the Capital and Vision Conference

The Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the newspaper “Capital” and the portal “” hosted the “Capital + Vision 2018” conference on 5th and 6th November  2018, at Athenaeum Intercontinental Athens. It consists of the main body of the conference and a series of parallel events, organized by public and private bodies, non-governmental organizations, and innovative enterprises.

Dr. Stavrakakis presented IMPULSE project in the parallel event “Prospects and Challenges for the Energy Transition to 2030 - Energy Saving at the public sector” expanding further the demonstrations to include more mature results produced by the project. The following topics were highlighted:

- Most appropriate public-building’ classification criteria adopted for the Municipality of Heraklion

- Public-building typologies for the municipality of Heraklion

- Energy interventions’ combinations for the various minor, medium, major and deep retrofits

- Ranking of Heraklion buildings in terms of affordability

- A minor retrofit for all 76 buildings of the municipality of Heraklion would mean an investment of not more than 1.5M € ensuring about 30% energy and associated cost savings with a range of payback period from 15 to 19 years.

IMPULSE presentation