When & where

“Meeting the 2018 milestone for public buildings energy upgrading in the Mediterranean”

IMPULSE lasts two and a half years (November 2016 – April 2019), bringing together public authority and technical partners (energy institutes/agencies), in the Mediterranean area (from Greece, France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina).

Pilot activities take place in the following Mediterranean Cities:

  • Municipality of Heraklion, Greece
  • City of Elche, Spain
  • City of Cannes, France
  • Municipality of Ravenna, Italy
  •  City of Osijek, Croatia
  • City of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

 The key deliveries and estimated timeframe are the following: 

  • A protocol for public-building typologies’ identification and a library of typologies in pilot Cities (summer 2017)
  • A web-based system for planning energy-upgrading interventions in public buildings (Autumn 2018)
  •   National networking forums tailored to public-buildings energy upgrading, in each partner country (Autumn 2018)
  • Small-scale renovation projects and energy performance monitoring in one public building in each pilot City (Autumn 2017 - Autumn 2018)
  • At least 50 completed SEAPspublic-building sections by local authorities in the Mediterranean (Spring 2019)