Why & How

“Cost optimal pathways for energy renovation of public buildings to become a reality”

The recast EPBD (2010/31/EU) and EED (2012/27/EU) pose demanding requirements for Member States for the energy renovation of public buildings (ERB):

  • Targets in national plans for stimulating buildings’ refurbishment towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings set annual 3% renovation rate for central government buildings or lower administrative levels
  • The Covenant of Mayors sets common guidelines for local authorities to develop their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) including specific energy/cost indicators for Municipal buildings

At the same time, local public administrations experience very low rates of energy upgrading projects planning and implementing, mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Difficulty in data collection for public buildings and in completing SEAPs indicators
  • Missing protocols and methods for public buildings bundling and for decision making towards large-scale Building Energy Renovation (ERB) Projects
  • Limited budget and/or insufficient capacity to attract funding for implementing ERB projects


IMPULSE aims to address all the above challenges through a transnational collaboration among scientific (energy agencies) and institutional (municipalities) partners, aiming at pilot testing of protocols and methods for public buildings classification and energy analysis towards an integrated management support system for planning public buildings ERB projects. More specifically, testing activities take place in six strategically selected pilot cities in the Mediterranean, capturing the majority of Mediterranean climate zones and building construction profiles. These testing activities involve the following:


  • Municipal buildings classification into representative typologies
  • Estimation of energy performance indicators towards energy consumption profiles of the municipal building stock for several combinations of energy upgrading measures
  • Techno-economical analysis to identify cost-optimal roadmaps for gradual energy renovation
  • Integration of results into an online platform to easily identify cost optimal pathways for energy renovation of buildings