Main objectives

“Transform the requirement of energy renovation of public buildings to a practical solution”

  •  Testing of typologies’ classification, energy dynamics analyses and IT protocols for the creation of a decision-support system for planning energy efficiency interventions in public buildings.
  • Improve energy management capacities through the small-scale renovation in one public building in each partner Country and monitoring progress from the ex-ante to ex-post condition.
  • Transferring of the major achievements on the preparation and management of energy renovation projects, to other municipalities and/or regional authorities
  •  Involve key target groups and end-users, e.g. municipalities, regions etc., and engage them in using project findings, e.g. the IMPULSE system and typologies’ libraries.
  • Speed-up sustainable energy action plans and energy efficiency plans for public buildings, through transferring activities, i.e. training seminars, technical/policy meetings and portability campaigns.
  •  Synergies with other projects and experiences